Vladimir Musulainen
22 мая, 2020
RhoMobile и OnsenUI

Вступление Заказчик зачастую указывает в технических требованиях к разрабатываемому мобильному приложения условие look and feel as native applications. Это условие можно выполнить при разработке мобильного гибридного приложения. Для придания мобильному приложению Rhodes нужного внешнего вида и поведения можно использовать CSS/JS фреймворки, например, OnsenUI или Framework7. В этой статье мы покажем, как использовать OnsenUI в мобильном […]

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Konstantin Rybas
20 сентября, 2017
Migrating Legacy Enterprise Mobile Applications

Windows CE/Mobile, the most widely deployed Operating Systems for enterprise specific devices, are off Microsoft mainstream support and are reaching their end of services. Considering that for these enterprise clients, viable options are migration to more modern Operating Systems like Android, IOS and Windows 10. RhoMobile platform 6.0 fits all the requirements for that kind […]

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Aleksandr Epifanov
19 сентября, 2017
RhoMobile Suite 6.0 is released

Tau releases a BIG update of the RhoMobile suite, version 6.0. It features lots of changes and improvements, most significant of which are support of Node.js environment on mobile devices and major upgrade of Ruby interpreter. See more in release notes. Visit our download page to get latest builds.

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Aleksandr Epifanov
14 августа, 2017
RMS 6.0 beta 16 is released

Tau released new beta of RMS 6. Includes stability changes for all platforms, Ruby library compatibility fixes and significant speedup of clean Android build. Available for download at Tau’s download page.

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Aleksandr Epifanov
12 августа, 2017
RMS is released

A stability improvement release, related to Android: http://tau-technologies.com/developers/downloads/

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